The Whizzinator Reviews

Are you facing an imminent urine drug test? If so, then you know the importance of passing and still being able to maintain your lifestyle. But what if there was a way to get past that dreaded test without having to resort to tampering with sample results? That’s where the Whizzinator comes in! With its fast-acting abilities and comfortable design, this device is the perfect solution for anyone who needs assurance that they won’t fail their drug screening – without any awkwardness or hassle.

The Whizzinator

In this post, we’ll provide the Whizzinator review and such details as: how it works, how easy it is to use, and why it’s becoming such a trusted alternative for avoiding failed tests. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about The Whizzinator, and why it just might be your saving grace when it comes down to fooling urine screens for any type of drug test.

Overall Description

The Whizzinator is a device created with the goal of making life easier for those who need to submit clean from weed (or other substances) urine samples at short notice. It’s designed to look like underwear and is made up of synthetic components such as:

  • a heat pack
  • an adjustable waistband
  • Syringe
  • a refillable bag filled with synthetic urine

The Whizzinator kit is designed to allow you to discreetly provide a sample of synthetic urine. With its realistic design, it looks and feels like genuine human waste, but with one key difference – it’s completely safe! The Whizzinator comes complete with the Whizzinator synthetic urine which has been laboratory tested for quality and reliability. All that’s left to do is add water and you’re ready for your sample. Before using the Whizzinator, always read the instructions carefully to ensure that you use it properly and safely every time.

When it comes to synthetic urine, there are sure to be plenty of questions—and for good reason! Urine drug tests have become a common part of the employability process and knowing when synthetic urine can and can’t be used can make all the difference. Generally speaking, synthetic urine should never be used in any legal or professional setting as it is considered to be illegal tampering.

Additionally, using synthetic urine could actually result in harsher penalties in certain cases due to charges of attempting to subvert drug testing processes. That said, synthetic urine has its uses outside of urinalysis too: synthetic urine is often used by researchers who need clean human waste for experimentation. So while synthetic urine is not typically recommended or accepted in professional or legal settings, there are still plenty of legitimate uses for this helpful product.

How to use The Whizzinator?

Learning how to use it is easy! All you need to do is to follow these Whizzinator instructions:

  1. To get started, assemble the device following the instructions that come packaged with it.
  2. After assembling it, you can begin filling it with the synthetic urine provided. With a few twists and clicks, you’ll have the vial securely sealed in the device.
  3. Heat up and activate it using the instructions provided.
  4. Once ready, strap The Whizzinator onto your leg using the included adjustable belt and you’re set to go!
  5. Finally, remove any excess air from the syringe before injecting it through one of the four spout openings located at strategic points around The Whizzinator.

Following these simple steps will allow you to easily and conveniently submit THC-free urine samples with confidence.

Manufacturer, Support and Certificates

Alternative Lifestyle System has been a leader in the industry for 15 years, providing customers with dignified ways to pass their drug tests. Based out of Long Beach, California, they produce Whizzinator specifically – its synthetic urine is completely preservative and biocide-free! Connecting is easy too; reach them via phone at 1-888 895 7016 or email [email protected] from Monday to Friday 9 am – 5 pm MST for customer service inquiries. Keep in mind that none of these products are FDA-certified though you may return your purchase if necessary upon contact.

Where to buy the Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator is an innovative device that many find useful, so understandably it can be difficult to locate retailers offering them. Luckily, buying one online just googling “the Whizzinator near me” is a great option – prices vary but are generally reasonable. It’s important to always make sure the site you’re ordering from is reputable and sends out quality products. Alternatively, some shops may carry the Whizzinator near you – if not, asking your local drugstore or getting in contact with wholesalers and distributors could lead to success. The price for the whole kit is $129.99 on the official website.

Pros and Cons


  • The device is worn like a belt and contains synthetic urine that is realistic in both appearance and temperature.
  • The Whizzinator is also equipped with a heating pad that helps to keep the synthetic urine at body temperature, which makes it even more realistic.
  • The Whizzinator is easy to use and can be worn under any clothing.
  • The device is also very discreet, as it does not make any noise or produce any odor.
  • The Whizzinator is an effective way to beat a drug test, and it is also very affordable.


  • The Whizzinator has been banned in several states, as it can be used to cheat on lab tests.
  • The device can also be dangerous, as it can lead to urinary tract infections or other health problems.
  • Finally, the Whizzinator is not always effective, as some drug tests can detect synthetic urine.

What additional products would be useful to buy with it?

When it comes to achieving the Whizzinator success stories, there are a few additional products that you should consider purchasing to complement your Whizzinator.

  • For instance, an extra set of Whizzinator refills would be useful in case one malfunctions or the other runs out.
  • Also, consider buying a Whizzinator cleaning kit so you can keep your Whizzinator properly maintained and ready for use at all times.
  • Finally, if you need extra protection for your Whizzinator during travel, then you may want to buy a Whizzinator carrying case—preferably one with added padding to protect the Whizzinator’s internal parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Whizzinator really work?

The answer to this question is a definitive yes, the Whizzinator reviews are mostly positive. In fact, it has been used for many years now by individuals wanting to pass drug tests.

Can Whizzinator be Detected?

Not likely, but the efficacy of such a device is not so certain. While it may seem appealing because users can discreetly store and use it, many laboratories can readily identify substances contained within synthetic urine samples as potentially being non-human.

Can I pass a monitored drug test using Whizzinator?

It’s not certain. A fake penis that matches your skin tone may just do the trick and, since your supervisor can’t stare at you while you pee, they would never know it was there.

Can this Product Work for Opiates?

Absolutely! This synthetic urine is the perfect replacement for your own and can help you pass a range of drug tests that otherwise might look for evidence of prohibited substances such as opiates, cannabis or pot. So don’t worry – this product has got your back!

When can I reheat Whizzinator?

Reheating Whizzinator just before your drug test can be the difference between passing and failing – but it’s important to get the timing right! A couple of hours prior is an ideal time, so make sure you don’t risk “over-cooking” for maximum effectiveness.

Can I use the Whizzinator for probation?

Yes. Mostly, people prefer the Whizzinator or the Urinator for supervised urine drug tests because the Whizzinator kit has everything in it to make the process look natural. Otherwise, you can use any other synthetic piss without an adjustable waistband, as you won’t need to imitate the process. You will only need to deliver a clean sample for the urinalysis.

The Whizzinator Reviews

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Negative review

This user tells about a positive experience using the Whizzinator during the drug test, but it malfunctioned afterwards.

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The Whizzinator is a great tool to help you pass your urine drug test, whether it’s for employment or other purposes. It’s easy to use and relatively affordable, making it a popular choice among those who need to pass a drug test. While there are some cons associated with the product, overall, it seems to be an effective way to beat a urine drug test. If you’re in need of passing a drug test, the Whizzinator may be worth considering as an option.