Does Amazon Drug Test Its Staff? Facts You’d Like to Know

Amazon is the largest e-commerce retail company, and it takes its operations very seriously. As such, there is high regard to the drug status of the employees. The company doesn’t joke about the operational efficiency of its workers. Therefore, Amazon expends money and time to ensure that all employees, especially warehouse workers, meet the company’s performance standards. In the light of this, you may wonder how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon or be curious about what the amazon warehouse drug test policy is. This article offers you all you need to know about that.

When Does the Drug Test Happen?

Amazon uses a 3-step hiring process to select its employees. The warehouse workers and any employee that will work with the company must pass the 3-step hiring process before they get employment. These three steps are as follows:

  • There will be a first stage interview, which shall be conducted by the warehouse manager of the warehouse you intend to work. This interview will determine whether you move on to the next stage or not.
  • Amazon will do a background check on you. This will include questions concerning your work experience, personal life, and how suitable you are for the position.
  • The third step involves a drug test, which you must pass before you’re considered for the job. Essentially, these three steps must be satisfied before you can be deemed as a suitable candidate for the position you’re applying for.

Therefore, you can see that the drug test comes pre-employment. It forms an integral part of the pre-employment process. There are certain conditions when you may be required to have more stages than the conventional steps. This will depend on the nature of the post you’re applying for and whether there’s a need for that. Irrespective of the number of steps that may be involved, the drug test will always come last.


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So, if your question is, “does Amazon drug test at the orientation,” you have your answer. Also, there is no drug test on the first day of work. It all happens before you become a worker.

What Forms Does the Test Take?

While there are various forms of drug tests such as urine drug test and hair, Amazon uses a special technique for its drug tests called mouth swab test. The company has a special set of medical experts who conduct the swabs on the candidates. This means that the procedure is a supervised one, which makes it difficult to cheat.

However, the downside to mouth swabs is that they are only effective for detecting recent drug use. This means that you can pass the drug test since THC will only remain in your saliva for about 24 hours.

As such, for you to pass the drug test, you will only need to stay away from drugs for a day or 48 hours to be safe. By doing so, the swab will be unable to detect the THC in your saliva. This also means that you stand a good chance of passing Amazon’s drug tests even if you’ve been employed. You will only need to keep a clean system for 24 hours before your test, and you will be done.

You may find it worrying that Amazon doesn’t use any other procedure to conduct its drug test. After all, urine drug tests are highly effective and can detect THC in your system several days after using marijuana. Despite this possibility of improving its drug test procedure, Amazon only currently uses the mouth swab.

Does Amazon Do Random Tests?

Amazon does random drug tests. This means that the company can drug test employees at any point in time. The company has a procedure for this. There will be a random selection of a number of employees across every building in the company. The selected employees will be tested for drugs to see how clean their system is. Since this is random, it means that you do not have the time to prepare beforehand or attempt to beat the test.

However, this form of selection also means that you may never be tested during your work stay at Amazon. Since it’s random, it may not reach you. The company has hundreds of thousands of employees, so the chances that anyone will be selected is low. While you can be selected, it’s not high risk. Amazon workers claim they are almost always on weed and never have to worry about anything.

Your chances of being tested increase if you work using heavy equipment like a forklift, power equipment, or pallet truck and get involved in an accident. This is a red flag that will place you under the need for a drug test. Hence, Amazon’s fulfillment of random drug tests is non-negotiable. It will always take place.

What Drug Does Amazon Test for?

People often ask, “does amazon drug test for weed?” The simple answer is yes. The company mostly tests for the common kind of drugs people use, such as opiates, cocaine, meth, and marijuana. There is also the possibility of the 5-or 12-panel test, which looks for a wider range of drugs, including PCP, benzodiazepine, propoxyphene, ecstasy, among several others.

If you fail your drug test on any of these drugs, especially the common ones initially mentioned, you won’t be getting the job from Amazon. This is because that means you’re not suitable based on the 3-step hiring process.

However, this doesn’t mean that your entire work application with other companies and even Amazon will be complicated. When you fail a drug test at Amazon, they do not record your file because you don’t get a job offer. Similarly, the company will not report your results to another company. This means that you can work on yourself to get clean, after which you can apply to other companies or re-apply to Amazon.

Also, if you have a marijuana medical card, Amazon may likely hire you. However, the card must have a note from a physician and must be constantly presented as long as it’s valid. Without the card, everyone at Amazon, including the drivers, get tested.

How Long Does It Take to Know Your Results?

Your test results can be as fast as 72 hours or less or can take up to two weeks. It mostly depends on the lab used by the office where you get your testing from. Some clinics are more efficient than others and will deliver your result to the company within a short period. As such, you will mostly get your results not long after you have your test. However, where this doesn’t happen, it may take a short while.

The pandemic has not negated Amazon’s company policy in the light of drug tests. Anyone seeking employment with the company will still have to be tested.

Final Thoughts

This article addresses one of the most important questions many Amazon candidates ask: does Amazon drug test new employees. The company drug tests them. However, this is done during the recruitment process. You cannot become an employee without having passed the drug test. But you should not fret. The test is something you can pass easily. All you need to do is stay away from drugs 24 hours before your interview, and you will be good to go. Working at Amazon will require you to understand the company’s policies.