We are pleased to officially announce the merger of two significant entities, the West African Drugs Commission (WADC) and the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC). This amalgamation represents a potent alliance committed to advancing evidence-based drug policies throughout West Africa.

Bringing Together Expertise

The WADC, composed of experts from diverse fields, including politics, civil society, healthcare, security, and the judiciary, is uniting with the IDPC, a global network deeply dedicated to championing drug policies that prioritize individual rights and well-being.

Our Core Aims

Our primary goal is to champion and implement drug policies that place a premium on human rights, public health, and individual welfare within the West African region. Through the fusion of our resources and knowledge, this consolidated organization will confront the multifaceted challenges associated with substance use and addiction, providing comprehensive assistance, advocacy, and solutions founded on evidence.

A Holistic Approach

The West African Drugs Commission will spearhead efforts in research, policy advocacy, and international collaboration. Our ambition is to become the foremost resource for addressing substance use and addiction, encompassing prevention, treatment, and recovery. Our mission centers on empowering families, advocating for effective addiction care, and influencing public policies that acknowledge addiction as a public health concern, thus diminishing stigma and advancing understanding.

Leadership Roles

Prominent figures from both organizations will assume pivotal roles in this collaborative venture. Our shared mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for West African citizens by reshaping the dialogue surrounding substance use, advocating for policies that uphold individual rights, and empowering individuals and communities to forge a brighter future.