Best THC Detox Kits

There are several thc detox kits out there; however, only a few can rank as the best. Unfortunately, many people fail their drug tests due to inadequate information about the best THC detox kits.

To not to be a part of those who fail their drug test, stay glued; you would find this article helpful. This article will be looking at some of the best THC detox cleanses in 2021 that would help you pass any drug test without any trace of THC being found in your body.

Here are the three leading drug detox kits that can help you pass your drug test.

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid has been recognized for its natural ability to flush out all forms of prohibited substances from your body with ease. This detox kit comes in both pills and liquid form, giving you an option to choose what fits you.

Toxin Rid is unique compared with other detox products because it is produced largely from herbs, minerals, and vitamins unlike other products that contain fillers. It is also widely recognized for its ability to purge the body of all forms of substances, including alcohol, marijuana, opioid, and hash.

The Toxin Rid product comes in different kits. Each of these kits has been specially designed to fit your needs. For instance, when exposed to a large amount of THC, you have to start the detox kit immediately. You can get the Ten-day course in such a situation, as it would help you cleanse your body completely.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certification

Toxin Rid manufactures this detox product. You can contact them at PO Box 2011 Redmond, Wa (8073-2011 USA. You can also reach them at their mobile number 1-877-TOXIN-74 or their webpage at

During production, the Manufacturer of this product ensured that they conformed with the FDA by manufacturing the product in an approved facility. However, you should note that the product is yet to be fully certified by the FDA. This fact does not affect the product’s potency as there are many positive reviews online attesting to its potency.

Before you use this product, you should research whether the product is acceptable in your state since marijuana detox kits are largely prohibited in most states.

Pros and Cons of Toxin Rid

Pros Cons 
1. The product is one of the best for Vegans, and it is Gluten-free The product might not fit your lifestyle.
2. Toxin Rid has proven over time to be effective and reliable regardless of how exposed you are to prohibited substances.  The product might be costly if you are running on a budget. 
3. Its ingredients are pure and natural  It might cause side effects such as diarrhea. 
4. It is spontaneous. Once you start using it, it works with immediate effect.  If care is not taken, the product might lead to water poisoning, which may occur due to excessive water consumption caused by the product’s use. 
5. You can purchase this product at any e-commerce store such as Amazon, Walmart or at the online store of Toxin Rid Like any other detox kit, this product is against the law of most states.

Zydot Ultra Clean

A hair drug test is one of the most tricky drug tests. You need to go for the best permanent THC detox kit to pass such a test. If you are looking for the best detox kit to pass your drug test, no need to search any further, Zydot Ultra Clean hair detox shampoo is one of the highly-rated detox products in the market.

This detox kit is quite handy and integral for anyone exposed to weed, pot, and other THC to pass their upcoming hair drug test. This kit is specially designed for hair drug tests, and as such, you cannot use it to pass a urine drug test, saliva drug test, or blood drug test. This shampoo kit works by cleansing your hair of all forms of THC deposited in your scalp over a long period.

What makes the Zydot Ultra Clean Unique among other shampoo detox kits is its ingredients. It contains Propylene Glycol, which is common among other detox shampoos and other special ingredients such as,

  • Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide
  • Fragrance
  • Polyquaternium-10
  • Distearyldimonium
  • Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
  • Avocado Oil
  • Aqueous Extract of Aloe Vera
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine

Though this product is easy to use, it is important to know the ingredients that form its composition before using it. This knowledge would inform you whether to avoid the product in case of any allergies. A good example of this can be seen in a situation when you have a highly sensitive scalp. Your body might react to the THC detox kit in such a case.

Manufacturer, Support, and Certificates

The Ultra Clean Shampoo kit is manufactured by Zydot, a company that has been in existence since 1987. Their company is at 5103 South Sheridan, PMB 680 Tulsa, OK 74145. You can also reach their customer service that is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm MST at +1-800-725-2481.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons 
1. Based on a series of research, Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo is capable of removing at least 36% of THC in one wash from your hair.  It is still not clear whether this product has FDA certification. 
2. If you purchase this product and do not get the desired result, there is a refund policy.   It contains too many products that are not natural. 
3. Compared to other detox products, it is quite affordable.  You might need to use this THC detox kit with other products. 
4. You can easily purchase this product online from various stores like Amazon, Walmart, and Bonanza. The product might not be for you if you have a sensitive scalp. 

Stinger Detox Drink

If you search for one of the most effective weed detox drink products that can assist you in passing your drug test, Stinger Detox drink is the answer.

To ace your drug tests, if you are unsure of the presence of prohibited substances in your body, to be on the safe side, you can make use of Stinger detox; it works wonders. This detox kit can flush your body of all forms of THC.

This product comes in the form of pills and drinks. This offers you the option to choose your preference, whether the Capsule or drink form. Regardless of the form you pick, the product’s potency is the same.

The Stinger detox kits come in several varieties. Here are the three most popular detoxes.

Stinger 5X 7-Day Extra Strength Permatox Liquid

This detox kit is capable of detoxifying your body within seven days. All that is required of you is to get this product seven days before your drug test and strictly adhere to the instruction of use. For this product to attain its full potential during the period of use, you are to abstain from all forms of dairy products. You are also to maintain healthy eating habits.

Stinger Detox Whole Body Cleanser 1 Hour Extra

This is the most popular Stinger THC detox drink. It is unique for its ability to cleanse your who;e body of and drug substances. This is widely accepted because it can cleanse the whole body quickly.

It works best when used 90 minutes before your drug test. You should also note that your weight plays a crucial role in determining your consumption. For instance, if you weigh more than 220 pounds, you must drink two bottles of this product.

Stinger Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength

This product is unique for its ability to start working instantly upon usage. All you have to do is use it according to the prescription, and you are to use this detox kit for two hours for your drug test.

For this product to work effectively, you must consume a lot of water for two days before you start using this product. However, it would help if you did so in moderation to prevent water poisoning. Healthy eating is also advisable, and you avoid milk products.

Manufacturer, support, and certificate

Stinger detox was established in 1993. They are located at 23910 North 19th Avenue, Building 1 Suite 24, Phoenix, Arizona 85085. This company does have a walk-in inquiry service for their prospective consumers. However, you can reach them on their telephone (866) 961-8378. In addition, they have a standby help center available to answer all your inquiries. Their website also makes provision for you to drop your questions and comments.

Stinger detox is manufactured in an FDA accredited laboratory and according to FDA guidelines.

Pros and Cons

Pros  Cons
1. This detox kit is easy to use  You have to strictly follow the instructions on using it to harness this product completely.
2. It comes in a variety of flavor  The flavors are artificial and do not affect the bitter taste.
3. You can easily purchase it at its online store or other prominent E-stores. Like most detox kits, this product is against the law of many states.
4. The product is cheap when compared to similar detox kits.  The product can last for just a few hours after use. In a situation whereby your drug test has been postponed after using the product, you have to get another product and restart the whole process. 

Terms of Use

If you are under 18 or pregnant, you should avoid using this product. In addition, if you have severe reactions to detox products, you should consult your physician before using the product.

Again, if you are battling a terminal illness such as cancer, you should consult a specialist before using any detox product.


Where Can One Get The Best Detox Drink Near Me?

These products are available at various online stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc. In addition to this, most of these brands also have their online store, which you can easily access to make your purchase.

Are These Products Effective?

Yes, these products are highly recommendable and effective. Several positive reviews online can attest to how effective these products work.

Can These Detox Cleanse Kits Be Detected?

These products are undetectable in the body once used according to the instructions.

What Are The Types Of Drugs It Can Be Used With?

There is no limit to the type of prohibited substance you can use it for. You can use it to detox cannabis, pot, harsh, opiates, and even alcohol.

Are these products legal?

In most states, these products are prohibited. Therefore, it is best to learn about the law of your state before purchasing any of these detox kits.


There are several detox products in the market today. However, only a few can help you pass your drug test. Therefore, you should purchase the best product to ace your drug test.

Most of these products have strict instructions; you must ensure that you adhere strictly to those instructions to achieve the full potential of your detox kit. You should also seek expert opinion before using any detox drink.