Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review

Looking for an instant remedy to beat a urine drug test to secure your job? Then Quick Fix synthetic urine can be your prior choice with plenty of positive online reviews saying it’s being effective. But before using the Quick Fix urine, you must know the challenges and tricks that can hinder your successful passing of the drug test.

As we all know, modern drug testing techniques are shrewd enough to detect any minor change in the urine composition from the color to the temperature and the dilution. So, the Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine (https://www.impacteen.org/quick-fix-6-2-plus) is designed to mimic the properties of natural urine.

You don’t need to diet, exercise, or heavily detox your body, just pick up the Quick Fix plus urine and you have passed the test to secure your job. Here is our honest Quick Fix synthetic urine review, that can guide you through the proven strategies of using it and a lot more. So, keep on reading.


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Quick Fix Synthetic Pee Description

The Quick Fix fake piss is really simple to use. The synthetic urine kit consists of various items and accessories including:

  • Premixed urine
  • Heating Pad
  • Temperature Strip
  • Rubber band
  • List of instructions

The 2oz Quick Fix synthetic urine costs just $39 and is more affordable than detoxification of the body for marijuana or cannabis accompanied by different drinks.

This page https://www.mid-day.com/lifestyle/infotainment/article/synthetic-urine-actual-guide-how-to-pass-a-urine-drug-test-23304345 provides valuable insights into synthetic urine products, including their composition, usage guidelines, and potential applications. Whether you’re navigating employment screenings, conducting experiments, or need a synthetic urine solution for any other reason, this resource can be your guiding light.

Here, some users are stuck in the decision of buying Quick Fix synthetic pee as there are Quick Fix 6.2 and Quick Fix 6.3 plus. Well, the difference between both of the products is related to just its concentration, not the composition or work. The Quick Fix 6.2 is two ounces, while the Quick Fix 6.3 plus is three ounces. The three ounces of product is designed by considering the extra requirements of one-ounce urine in case it is accidentally spilled. So, it does not matter which Quick Fix plus urine you use, both are meant to be working for a drug test, regardless of the name.

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine Ingredients

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix synthetic pee consists of a perfect mixture of ingredients, which helps to mimic every single property of real urine from the foam to the smell.

  • Urea
  • Water
  • Creatinine
  • Sodium Phosphate
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Potassium Chloride
  • Albumin Powder
  • Protein Color

Does Quick Fix Urine Really Work?

It is hard to differentiate which ingredient of Quick Fix plus urine is more effective than others, but overall the Quick Fix synthetic urine is guaranteed to beat the drug test. It is indistinguishable from the real pee in the lab, as its properties are identical to the ones of real urine including:

  • The perfect uric acid value as it contains urea
  • Balanced Ph, corrected creatinine, and exact specific gravity
  • Chemical structure and temperature
  • Color, smell, and foam

Moreover, it equally works for both males and females.

How to Use Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

As was described earlier, the Quick Fix urine is premixed and just needs a few steps to follow to make it perfectly matching to your body temperature. The temperature of the urine is the first and most crucial indicator to be detected for the drug test. The urine is hot at almost 92 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. If your sample is too hot or cold, it simply reveals you have used a fake piss.

Thanks to the Quick Fix Synthetic urine kit that consists of the microwave-safe bottle and the temperature strip. All you just have to do is to place the urine bottle in the microwave for a few seconds and heat it to the desired temperature of 92 degrees. The temperature strip makes it easy for you to check the temperature.

After you have maintained the temperature, keep the bottle close to the body or the heating pad. The heating pad keeps the urine bottle at the right temperature during your wait for the turn to deliver the sample. The heating pad can heat the bottle for about 8 hours. Shake the bottle, and you are ready to pour the bubbly urine into the cup.

Directions and Terms of Use:

  1. If the temperature strip does not show any reading, then cool the urine bottle.
  2. You can reheat the urine the next day without any fear of it getting spoiled.
  3. Heat the sample and keep it with the heating pad for about 45 minutes to reach the optimal temperature.

Quick Fix Pee Manufacturer and Customer Support

Address 513 VENTURES, LLC
8190 Beachmont Ave, Suite 312
Cincinnati, OH 45255
Phone 1-866-364-5738
Email [email protected]
Official Website www.quickfixurine.com
Contact Hours 9 AM-8 PM (Saturday and Sunday Closed)

Where to Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine near me?

You can buy Quick Fix 6.2 at the official store of the manufacturer and other online stores. But currently, it is unavailable on Amazon, Walmart, and GNC.

Is the Quick Fix Plus Urine certified by FDA for urinalysis?

The Quick Fix Urine is not certified by FDA for passing a drug test. Instead, the detox and the products to cheat the drug test are banned in various states. So, before using the product, you must check the legislation in your state.

Additional Products to Buy with Quick Fix Urine

You don’t need to buy any detox pills or drinks with the Quick Fix synthetic urine. But considering the rules and strictness at the clinics to deliver the samples, it is best to buy a fake penis. You can be supervised at any time during the pee, so the fake penis will create an illusion of everything is perfect and under control. You can buy Incognito Belt, Monkey Whizz (for women), and The Urinator as urination devices.

The Quick Fix plus reviews reveal that the Quick Fix is the best partner with the monkey dong. The monkey whizz and piss perfect are available in various colors to best match your body. You should practice the urination device at home before delivering the sample to the test site. Moreover, the Quick Fix also offers stash leg straps, and urine belts to assist in perfect urination.

Pros and Cons


  • The Quick Fix synthetic urine has great positive online reviews.
  • The synthetic urine is tested at Spectrum Labs for effective working.
  • The Quick Fix urine has an astonishing shelf life of two years.
  • You can easily reheat the urine when needed to deliver the sample in the upcoming days.
  • The manufacturer guarantees a 99.9% success rate of passing the drug test.
  • The Quick Fix synthetic urine is easy to use as compared to detoxification pills and drinks.
  • The fake piss completely mimics the properties of real urine.
  • Simply premixed urine with correct values of urea and specific gravity.
  • Safe to microwave, quite cheaper, and consists of temperature strips and a heating pad.


  • Some users have not passed their urine drug test with Quick Fix fake pee.
  • The additional urination device can cost heavy on your budget.


Is Quick Fix detectable in the drug test?

The Quick Fix synthetic urine cannot be detected by the lab tests. The Quick Fix manufacturer claims that their synthetic urine is made up to date according to the lab testing values, so you should not worry about the detection of fake piss. But be sure to maintain the right temperature of the sample. Just slightly shake the bottle and yeah, you have got some bubbles and froth over the fake urine just like real.

Can you reheat and freeze the Quick Fix urine?

Yeah, you can easily reheat and freeze the best synthetic urine for over two years, that’s its shelf life. But be careful, not to overheat and thaw it too fast. The constituents of the urine don’t spoil over your freeze or heat. But the heating pad with the Quick Fix synthetic urine is valid for only 8 hours. So, you have to buy extra heating pads for trial.

How to heat urine if you don’t have a microwave?

Don’t worry, life doesn’t end with the microwave. You can still heat the urine to the optimal temperature using the heating pads that comes with the Quick Fix urine. Stick the heating pad to the bottle using the rubber band and keep it close to the body. The heating pad will take about 45 minutes to suit to your body temperature. Also, keep an eye on the temperature strip, so that the sample is not overheated.

Could sunlight damage the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Long-term exposure to sunlight can damage the structure of the synthetic urine components. If you have placed your product in the sunlight for a long time, then be sure to buy a new one, otherwise, you will fail.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Reviews

Positive Review:

Quick Fix positive review

This Reddit user successfully passed the pre-employment drug test with Quick Fix 6.3.

Negative Review:

Quick Fix negative review

The user failed the drug test with Quick Fix 6.2 despite the correct temperature of the sample.

Positive Review:

Quick Fix positive review

The user has frequently used the Quick Fix Synthetic urine to pass his drug test to secure his job and found it best synthetic urine.

Positive Review:

Quick Fix positive review

The user passed the dot test with the quick fix plus.


By comparing the Quick Fix urine with other fake urine kits and searching the online reviews, we can award it with a 4.8/5 star rating. The product is trusted by the hundreds of online customers who have successfully passed their drug tests with it. Doesn’t matter whether you have recreationally or regularly used alcohol or cannabis, the Quick Fix is the simple solution with a 99.9% guaranteed success rate.

It is simple and easy to use and can be reheated and frozen until you pass the drug test. The best practice is to use the Quick Fix with urination device and hold a trial for the better delivery of a sample, as you can be supervised.

If you just had a urine drug test scheduled, don’t risk and order the Quick Fix synthetic urine today.