How to Pass a Urine Drug Test For Marijuana

Let’s be honest, at one point in your career you will need to to pass a urine drug test for marijuana or some other substance.

The fact is that during the last decade, Congress and POTUS have contributed a lot to increase urine drug testing. They did so by approving the actions by public and private employers alike. In some instances, they mandated or even encouraged employers to require drug tests.[2] These actions have given federal legal authority for urine drug tests that can override local and state law.

At the very beginning, you need to bear in mind it is illegal, in some cases, to attempt drug detox. This applies to several U.S. states so make sure that you’ve done your research regarding the laws in your local region before doing anything else.

Is it illegal to cheat on a drug test?

According to the U.S. Federal law, the Title 18 of the United States Code § 371 considers it an offense if “two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency there in any manner or for any purpose”.[3]

This law was used in 2010 to convict Gerald Willis, 67 and partner, Robert Catalano, co-owners of Puck Technology, creators of The Whizzinator. The Whizzinator is a fake penis device that can be filled with clean urine and used to defeat a federal marijuana drug test.[4] Willis was sentenced to 6 months in prison and probation while his partner got 3 years probation.
The Whizzinator
This begged the question, can you convict someone merely for using The Whizzinator or any other detox product? In 2005, nearly 5 years prior to the conviction of The Whizzinator’s owners for developing such a product, it was a major news subject. NFL running back Onterio Smith was caught at an airport with strange vials of liquid, powder, and a fake penis. Airport officials stopped him as Homeland Security flags such substances in case they may be used as a weapon. In any case, Smith was not convicted of a crime but the scrutiny was an embarrassment for the NFL and its drug testing policy.[5]


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Can you be punished for using a fake urine?

In 2013, a Missouri man was caught trying to use a Whizzinator to pass a federal urine drug test.[6] St. Louis-based Sidney Levin was already on probation for theft and drug possession. He was ordered to submit periodic drug tests to the court. Apparently, during a supervised urine drug test, he tried to use the fake penis and was caught by a probation officer. In this type of test, the tester may look at your penis to be sure it’s real and that the urine is coming from your own body. If the tester or technician is particularly interested in your penis or if you are too clumsy when trying to use a fake one, you can get caught.

If probation officer is bad-tempered they may proceed to make additional charges. In this case, Mr. Levin was charged with ‘possession of a forging instrument.” Normally, a ‘forged instrument’ would be a forged check or counterfeit currency, but in this case, they seem to be referring to the tool used to commit fraud, which would be like a pen used to forge checks or a template used to counterfeit bills.

Therefore, the fake penis is the forging instrument used to commit fraud. That means in some states, such as Missouri, you risk getting convicted for the use of the product for detox. Other states have laws against using a ‘forged instrument’; however, this may not be the same as having laws against instruments used for forgery, since they can also be used legitly. This is why The Whizzinator is still available for sale. It is sold as a sex toy and instructions forbid it from being utilized to pass a pee drug test, although that’s the main reason people buy it.

State laws concerning detox products

In 3 states, it is expressly illegal to sell detox products, these states are: Florida, Kentucky, and New Jersey.

It’s against the law to produce or deliver detox products in 2 states: Texas and Louisiana.

In 9 states, it’s illegal to sell adulterants. These states are:

  1. Virginia
  2. Nebraska
  3. North Carolina
  4. Illinois
  5. Maryland
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Arkansas
  8. South Carolina
  9. Pennsylvania

Urine Collection Tube
Adulterants are substances added to a drug testing sample to mask drug use. While some adulterants are detectable, others are more effective in concealing the use of drugs and are undetectable. A study from the Handbook of Drug Monitoring Methods revealed that some adulterants like Whizzies, Klear, Stealth, and Urine Luck are undetectable via routine testing of the integrity of the specimen. They can effectively conceal the use of drugs in persons whose drug use is moderate.[7]  This was in 2008, so it is not clear if these products still work and are undetectable for today’s drug tests.

Other causes for drug testing

You may also needed to pass a pee test for a doctor’s visit, to participate in sports, whether at college or on a professional level, or for a court case. The need to pass a drug screen can be a major cause of nervousness and worry among people who smoke marijuana for medicinal, spiritual, or recreational purposes.

But some people don’t have that much notice in the first place. Even if you smoke cannabis heavily, every day, and regardless of the causes for drug tests, there’s always a way to beat it. It’s important to know what product or/and method is best for you. The more you smoke, the higher your body mass is and the less effective your body is at naturally detoxing. This may mean you need a stronger approach/product. You should also take into account your budget before choosing a product/method.

The question is where there are guaranteed ways to pass a pee test? Yes, there are. Even science says so! The most important thing to remember is that everything comes down to each person’s method to pass a drug test.


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How Does a Urinalysis Work?

Standart urine drug test functions on two principles: GC-MS test and an antibody phase. Urinalysis drug test is the most common one of all types of drug tests that can be performed. In most cases, employers rely on a cheap urine drug test, which you can pass successfully if you do everything right. More expensive urine tests are rare but more difficult to beat.

Urine tests have a two-month shorter detection period for marijuana than a hair follicle test. With that being said, compared to blood and saliva drug tests, urine tests have a much longer timeframe detection. These tests can pick up on the presence of cannabis for quite some time after the effects of marijuana have worn off.

This is why marijuana tests are often used to sully the reputation of a person killed by police in the United States. The goal here is to portray a person as heavily intoxicated and thus acting strangely, while in reality, the traces of marijuana in their system could have originated from the last time they used it, which can be as long as a month ago. In other words, the presence of cannabis in the body doesn’t necessarily indicate the person used the drug recently, it can be from weeks ago.

Immunoassay test

The most common form of urinalysis for this purpose is called the immunoassay test. Here, you need to urinate into a cup and submit a urine sample for analysis. The first step of analysis includes the use of antibodies to evaluate how they interact with elements of the sample. If the testers find that the sample substances interact in a particular way with the antibodies, this will suggest that there are drugs in the urine. Secondly, you have a CG-MS (gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) test. The purpose of CG-MS is to eliminate false positives. It involves the separation of the components of the drug sample and then analyzing them individually for signs of drug use.

Workplace Drug Testing

Since the use of marijuana has become more prevalent and accepted, many organizations and companies perform cannabis tests. This is primarily done because the law requires them to do so for various purposes including safety reasons. However, employers usually warn their employees about this drug test. During the test, the best thing to do is to ensure you catch the urine midstream into your cup. Why? The start of the urine flow tends to contain residues of drugs and substances.

A urine sample is submitted in a private bathroom. You will need to be ready to produce 2 to 5 ounces of urine. Test takers get a collection cup for this purpose. The cup features labels on the side.
Urine collection cup

But, how to collect urine midstream? Basically, you need to urinate into the toilet a little bit, then proceed to catch urine midstream, and finish peeing into the toilet again. Do not flush. They may check the toilet to be certain that you urinated. If you flush the toilet, they may disqualify your sample entirely. The reason for disqualification is the suspicion that a person probably cheated by using a fake pee such as synthetic urine for a drug test. Try to get 2 to 5 ounces in your cup.

Urine temperature

The temperature of the urine needs to be 90-100°F (32-37°C) to make sure the sample is genuine and fresh. Creatinine concentration lower than 20 mg/dl is classified as dilute. At the same time, the values of specific gravity should be between 1.0020 and 1.0200 while the pH value needs to be from 4.5 to 9, and the normal pH is 7.

Drug test details

These urine drug screening tests are provided by Quest Diagnostics.

Specimen Validity Testing

These tests are capable of detecting oxidizing agents many of whom the before-mentioned studies didn’t detect. And so, detection of these oxidizing agents could be reserved for more advanced and expensive drug tests provided by Quest Diagnostics. It’s unlikely that ordinary, standard urine tests are that powerful in terms of detection.
Oxidizing agents effect on drug test

How long does marijuana stay in the urine?

Traces of marijuana in the urine are detectable for 30-45 days after consumption. The frequency of cannabis use and how heavily you smoke play a major role in the exact time the substance remains in your urine. It can exceed the 45-day mark if you smoke heavily every day and have a lot of fat mass. You can remove Cannabis quicker and easier if you’ve only smoked once before or very infrequently.

An additional factor that can play a role in the odds of you beating a pee test is how often you exercise and what you eat. You see, some foods that are high in sugar don’t allow THC metabolites to leave the body as quickly as they generally do. That happens because those foods are not easy to digest, which is why they kind of hold on to the artery walls.

More factors

Consuming a lower-calorie diet allows you to burn fat and can significantly reduce how long pot will stay in your body. However, just before your test, you want to stop the fat-burning to clear your blood and urine of the accelerated leakage of THC metabolites.

The process of sweating detoxes your body naturally while cardiovascular exercise improves your metabolism. So, if you work out on a regular basis, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to cleanse your body of marijuana metabolites in your urine faster.

How long drugs stay in your urine

Compared to many other drugs and substances, marijuana is a lot longer detectable in urine. For example, drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, and LSD tend to remain in the urine for half a week or so. When it comes to alcohol, the body processes it on a per drink basis and it’s eliminated from the system quite quickly. Most alcoholic drinks are eliminated from your system within 10-12 hours (if you don’t drink excessive amounts) and the standard urine alcohol test will not be able to detect the presence of alcohol thereafter. That being said, a test for ethyl glucuronide can discover alcohol use within 3 to 5 days.

Detoxing and Detox Remedies

Attempts to do drug detox can lead to several complications, according to The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Many persons can experience side effects such as nausea and vomiting. This is especially so if an altered consciousness level is a factor. When that happens, the affected individual risks aspirating on their own vomit, which can be deadly.

If withdrawal symptoms feel too difficult to cope with, drug cravings can become extremely difficult to resist. It’s better for you to get the support of a professional should you find that you need help avoiding a relapse. There are various ways you can remove drug toxins from your system like weed metabolites.

For many people who want to pass a drug test in 24 hours with home remedies such as exercising, healthy eating, using a sauna, or drinking lots of fluids can help cleanse the body. None of these methods are guaranteed to offer success. A lot more convenient way to get rid of traces of marijuana from the system could be to use specifically formulated beverages and solutions that contain creatine, natural herbal diuretics, electrolytes, and fluids. Market products and home remedies can both provide a flushing effect in order to remove THC metabolites from fat cells so that they can exit the body. They will also cause a dilution and reduce the proportion of THC metabolites or other drugs in your urine.

Passing a Urine Test Naturally

With any of the following methods, make sure to do your research about potential side effects. For any substances/products, please read all of the ingredients and check for any allergens. Is it possible to beat a urine drug test with home remedies only in 24 hours? Let’s look at how to test clean on a piss test naturally.


Even though exercise could be helpful for passing a urine drug test, the real effect occurs with routine and intensive workouts. It could take days, weeks, or possibly even months to get rid of THC from your system through exercise alone. Several factors determine how long it takes for exercise to work. These factors include the quantity of weed you smoke, how often you do it, how often you exercise, and the intensity of your workouts. You should use cardiovascular exercise if taking this approach.

For one, this form of exercise increases sweat which is a way of releasing toxins from the bloodstream. In addition, it raises fat burning and heart rate. This type of exercise can also improve your body’s metabolism, a key component of detoxing.

Deciding to exercise a day before the urine drug test won’t help you much. You see, it is important to work out regularly. Exercise needs to be a valuable segment of the natural body detox and healthy lifestyle because it offers a lot of health benefits. You need to do it a few days before the testing and stop within 3-4 days of the urine drug test. It can be a part of an effort to help you get a negative result for THC on a urine test but preferably it shouldn’t really be the only approach. Ensure that you keep hydrated and eat healthy too, to give you the best odds of success.

Consume Fluids with electrolytes

Regardless of the method to pass a urine drug test you choose, it is crucial to drink plenty of fluids. Drinking alone will not be enough to clear your body of THC. Not only would it take too much liquid and too long for it to have enough of an effect, drinking too much water can be dangerous. Consuming too much water or any liquid for that matter can cause water intoxication due to an imbalance of electrolytes. This can prove fatal.

So make sure you don’t drink too much but a healthy approach of drinking a little more fluids than usual with some lite salt (sodium chloride/potassium chloride) or a teaspoon of baking soda can help. That is assuming you don’t consume liquids close to the maximum daily allowance as it is, that being 4+ liters. Most adults should drink between 67 and 101 ounces (2 ad 3 liters) of liquid (primarily water) a day but going past 4 liters in a single 24 hour period is when problems can start to arise.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice and tea are the most common detox agents.

Cranberries can cleanse your kidneys and act as a diuretic. However, this simply conceals evidence of THC. Also, your sample will come up dilute if you don’t also take B-vitamins, creatine, and a bit of salt with your fluids. The role of creatine is to normalize creatinine levels whereas electrolytes act on specific gravity and maintain it in the normal range. Additionally, B-vitamins give your urine a yellowish hue because clear urine may indicate you’re using dilution.

On the other hand, teas such as green tea, mint, Kleen tea, and ginger root tea are abundant in antioxidants. These can work as diuretics to help pass a piss test. However, if you consume larger amounts than usual, you need to balance it with creatine, electrolytes, and b-vitamins otherwise your sample will come up dilute and you will be disqualified or have to retest.


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Healthy Diet

Since the fat cells store THC, one of the best ways to detox is to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. In fact, many products that are formulated for detox also advise users to eat small meals with fresh vegetables, unprocessed meat, and fresh fruit. They should be the main ingredients. A low-carb diet will accelerate fat burning and THC elimination. The carbs should be consumed only in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, so you can obtain phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals they provide. As a result, this means those vitamins and minerals can help eliminate toxins quickly. High-fiber foods also improve digestion. Good examples of these foods are whole grains, beans, and other legumes, and fruits.

What many people don’t know is that you can eat a large, well-seasoned steak and drink about 32 ounces (1 liter) of tea 2 hours before the urine drug test to do dilution, if you don’t have B-vitamins, creatine, or Gatorade. How? Well, the steak has it all – B-vitamins, electrolytes, creatine, and basically everything else you need. To stop fat burning in the hours leading up to the test, you should also add sugar to the tea and have some potatoes with meat. This will prevent THC from flooding the urine and bloodstream. Eating a fatty meal without carbs included may cause fat burning during your test. Before the test, your goal should be to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet. But, on the day of the urine drug test, the main goal is to prevent fat burning.


On top of sweating from exercising, a sauna can also be used for its detoxing effects since it will cause you to perspire.  Drinking lots of water is also required for this process.

Despite being an effective approach to getting rid of toxins, it isn’t strong enough to rid your body of THC completely on its own. But, you can combine sauna with other strategies to support your detox. Do not sauna on your own if you are unfamiliar with the sauna and its safety protocols.


Vitamins and minerals can help in many ways. For example, zinc can be used as an adulterant if consumed orally prior to a test or by being added to a urine sample. Zinc can hide traces of THC, but it can also lead to an inconclusive result. B-complex vitamins such as B2 and B12 can add color and make sure urine looks natural and authentic. This is especially important if your urine has altered due to significant water consumption or another detox method. Various minerals may be added to your system in order to replace ones that can flush out during a detox period.


Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is primarily taken to alleviate pain, decrease fever, or thin blood. Many people use over-the-counter Aspirin to treat headaches. The medication acts on various factors in the body and thereby reduces inflammation.

Since 1994 at least, it has been scientifically known that aspirin can reduce drug use detectability.[8]  However, you should not be tempted to take large aspirin doses as this is dangerous.

Aspirin positive review

Those who have used aspirin to pass a drug test describe the process as follows.

  1. Take 4-5 aspirins of 325mg with a glass of water.
  2. Consider a dilution regimen on top of the aspirin use.

Aspirin is said to help with older EMIT tests and may not fool recent, more expensive tests. That being said, it’s safe to take over-the-counter Aspirin of up to 500mg every 4 hours to alleviate headaches. Make sure not to take over 2g of Aspirin a day. More than this can cause stomach bleeding or other health problems. Taking a normal dose of aspirin before your test can give you an added sense of security if you have no other good tricks at the time of the test.


This is essentially a method whereby you attempt to dilute drug quantities in your urine. A diluted urine sample can, actually, mean two things in the world of passing a drug test.

  1. A sample that has been flagged as dilute.  This is not the desired outcome of course.  This is when testers notice that the color, creatinine levels/content and electrolytes analyzed in the sample are that of a diluted sample.  In this case, you’ll either be asked to retake the test or you’ll simply fail outright.
  2. A sample which has been diluted but has successfully concealed drug use.  The testers haven’t noticed anything strange with your sample.  This is what you want.

How to dilute urine

The process of dilution revolves around drinking a lot of fluids which can be just water or some kind of detox beverage such as the popular MegaClean Detoxify. Once again, do not consume too large a quantity of fluid within a relatively short timeframe without electrolytes.

The easiest way to do dilution is to just buy a detox drink like Detoxify’s Xxtra Clean and follow the directions about 2 hours prior to the urine drug test. You can use your own dilution regimen of creatine, b-vitamins, and 32 ounces of tea with a pinch of salt or teaspoon of baking soda also about 2 hours prior to the test. Another option is to drink 32 ounces of tea and eat a large, well-seasoned steak 2 hours before the urine drug test and hope it will be effective.


These are substances that help you pee a lot. Diuretics such as coffee and tea can help in this regard. The more you urinate, the more you dilute drug residues in your urine. While the use of diuretics seems simple, it’s quite tricky to complete your dilution successfully this way. After all, when you use diuretics, you also need to ensure creatinine and electrolytes are in the normal range while the color of urine is authentic. That’s why you also need B-vitamins and creatine.

Fruit Pectin

Certo Sure Jell Fruit Pectin is another popular home remedy that can be used for detoxing before a piss test. People usually refer to it as one of the best home remedies to pass a urine drug test. It’s a fairly safe approach that can detox your gut and that provide fiber. This may be something to add to your dilution regimen if you have consumed weed edibles which may still be in your digestive tract.

Additional Methods

Besides the abovementioned, there are many other strategies that people use to pass a urine drug test. For one, niacin pills are used by some users in an effort to pass a drug screen. You can drink 500mg of niacin with 2 glasses of water every six hours during the day. No sooner than six hours! This approach, like many others, depends on consuming a lot of fluid but still making sure you’re not drinking excessive amounts. Keep in mind that any surplus in water intake should be balanced with electrolytes, creatine, and B-complex vitamins.

Finally, take 2 pills both six hours apart on the day of the test. Right before the test, take a vitamin B12 supplement. One major issue associated with B3 is flushing, so be cautious of this risk and don’t take more than you can handle. Another consideration is that of vinegar. It isn’t a very effective tool on its own but used as part of a wider detox regimen, it may help.


The process of passing a urine drug test is subjected to many myths and misconceptions. In the wild west of the world wide web, it’s important to be separate fact from fiction. The best tool for distinguishing scientifically-based statements from fake news is your own brain. Look for that which is supported by scientific studies. Keep your mind open and avoid assuming some bold claims and hearsay are facts. Consider whether a theory/idea makes logical sense and what evidence there is to back it up. Drug test-making companies have the incentive to claim their tests cannot be beaten, but it’s been proven scientifically that any type of drug test can be beaten. It’s science, not magic.

One myth that has done some rounds online is that fresh air will help.  Exercise can improve your body’s metabolism and excrete drug toxins via sweat but fresh air in of itself won’t do anything.  Another idea that you should avoid is overly restricting yourself when it comes to food.  That is because a lower calorie intake means that your body’s metabolism will decline.

Common misconceptions

Also, the idea that you could say to the testers that you spend time around other smokers as an excuse for a positive result won’t work. For one, this is unlikely and even if it is actually true, the testers will have no reason to believe that you’re telling the truth. Other myths largely revolve around the idea that certain methods/substances alone can do the job. However, rarely is this true.

A full dilution regimen with creatine, b-vitamins, and electrolytes is the bare minimum, adding an internal adulterant such as zinc and papain (protease/meat tenderizer) will give you added support. Considering the fact they are also a part of a well-balanced diet, nobody can accuse you of fraudulent actions and claim you are attempting to pass a drug test if you take them in the form of vitamins and supplements. In most cases, a combination of different strategies is necessary for success.

Synthetic Urine

In some nations and U.S. states, it may not be directly against the law to use another person’s piss for a drug test remedy, but laws made for other crimes such as forgery could still be used to get a conviction. This also refers to the use of synthetic urine. Of course, this practice is not encouraged and it’s far from a fail-safe option. A small percentage of people have, however, claimed to have had success with this approach. If used, it’s important that any fake urine sample or the pee of someone else is kept warm ahead of the test. Sneaking it in will also complicate things. Lower, you can see examples of the most popular products, such as Urinator and Clear Choice Incognito Belt


Powdered Human Urine

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  • Real human urine!

The Urinator

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How to use it

When it comes to fake pee products, they can help achieve a negative test result in drug immunoassay test. They may also help beat the SVT (specimen validity testing) because it can’t be distinguished from genuine human urine. Additionally, the adulteration test strips such as Sciteck AdultaCheck 6 weren’t able to detect synthetic urine either. However, it may be detected as synthetic urine with the use of the On-site synthetic urine (Synthetic UrineCheck™). In some cases, direct observation of urinating may be used for the collection stage, an approach used by the military.

It’s useful to keep in mind Quick Fix Urine has everything a urine substitute should have to help you beat a urine drug test. You need to get the most recent version of the product to make it happen. Why? Well, testing companies keep developing new ways to identify fake pee successfully. So, the latest version of the product is always the best because it can help bypass all the ways the companies use to detect synthetic urine.

Best Products on the Market

In this section, we’ll consider some of the top products out there that you can use to pass a drug test. What’s more, the best way to pass a urine drug test is to use one of the following products.

Detoxify XXTRA Clean Herbal Cleanse

Detoxify XXTRA Clean Herbal Cleanse

Xxtra Clean Herbal Cleanse combines high concentrations of vitamins C, A, D, and B12 with zinc additives. This is done to enhance antioxidant activity without diluting the pee. The product also contains nettle known for diuretic properties that make you urinate more. Additionally, Detoxify XXTRA Clean contains fruit pectin which is a fiber that helps with passing fat through the body (such cells often hold on to THC metabolites for weeks on end).

According to the instructions, you should consume the product about 2 hours prior to your urine drug test and refill it with water 15 minutes later, shake well, and drink. You should drink more water with a dash of salt (electrolyte) than usual and have light meals prior to the cleanse. If you have to sit and wait for your test, slowly sip Gatorade. Don’t drink too much water or water without electrolytes or your sample will come up dilute. The rest is simple – it’s time to take the urine drug test.


  • Acts fast
  • Has a tropical flavor to it
  • Discrete and can be used with ease
  • Contains natural minerals


  • May result in an upset stomach
  • Varied results if you don’t get the timing right

Toxin Rid

Different courses of pills are available depending on your needs. These range from a single-day cleanse to a 10-day detox. This product also has various steps involved in order to use it to its maximum potential. The shorter one, two, and three-day courses are best suited to infrequent or one-time users. Moderate users should consider taking these pills for half a week while heavy users should look at the ten-day course. Toxin Rid cleanses saliva, urine, and blood, and contains natural ingredients, and comes with a money-back guarantee. It does, however, involve consuming a lot of water. Further, it’s costly and a bit complicated to use.


  • Detoxes urine, blood and saliva
  • Goes beyond simply concealing drugs
  • Can work for any drug
  • Natural ingredients
  • Money back guarantee
  • Various pill courses to choose from for different users


  • You need to drink a lot
  • Instructions are complicated
  • Plenty of pills to use
  • Pretty costly
  • Will not add creatine to make sure creatinine levels come up correct (you may still have to use a dilution drink with creatine 120 minutes prior to the urine drug test)


Q: What is the period of time during which marijuana remains in my urine?
A: Up to 30 days or more depending on factors such as frequency of marijuana use and how well your body detoxes naturally.

Q: Which detox product is considered the best?
A: Detoxify’s Xxtra Clean is one of the best detox options but there are many choices and by doing your research, you can find the right product for you!

Q: What if I don’t get a urine test?
A: It’s possible but unlikely. Although less frequently utilized, saliva and hair follicle tests are also available and can be administered. There are plenty of detox approaches for both of these tests to consider such as detox shampoos and detox mouthwashes.

Extra Tips

  1. Do avoid sugary foods in the lead-up to your test but consume sugary foods the last several days prior to and on the day of the urine drug test. You want fat burning and releasing THC to exit the body far from the test day, but you want fat-burning to stop by test day so that the THC metabolites won’t still be flooding the blood and urine.
  2. Don’t give in and smoke any weed before your test or you could really jeopardize your hopes of detoxing!
  3. Do catch your pee midstream in the cup when at the test center.
  4. Don’t make it obvious that you’ve been detoxing to beat the test such as by bragging about it or leaving evidence of detox products on display such that your coworkers, boss or those at the test centers might notice!
  5. Do research about what the laws are in your region regarding detoxing, fake urine, etc. before a pee drug test.
  6. Don’t rely on one method, approach or product.  Mix it up, keep it safe and be smart.

Conclusion: Passing a Urine Test in 24/48 Hours

If you’ve been given little notice, you may need to detox for a drug test ASAP. There is plenty of acclaimed same-day cleanse products on the market such as the single-day course of Toxin Rid and Herbal Clean QCarbo 32. Diuretics and dilution can contribute to quick detox and help you pass a urine drug test in 24 hours naturally, but the products we described in this post are far more effective. Many brands such as Quick Fix and Monkey Whizz have synthetic urine products you can use as well.

There are some legal risks when it comes to cheating on a drug test you must consider. You do need to get educated on this subject and ensure the laws in your area aren’t strict to the point they make it illegal to attempt to pass a drug test. Also, if you are involved in a court case or are a prospective employee for a federal organization like the FBI, federal laws may ban you from cheating on a drug test.

There are plenty of approaches you can take to pass a urine drug test.  Whether you want to take a natural approach (i.e. exercising, using a home remedy, etc.), use a detox product or try your luck with fake urine, it’s important to weigh up your options honestly and figure out what approach will work best for you.


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