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Donnez votre avis Date:09.10.2013 | Donnez votre avis D’après vous quels mesures doit on adopter pour s’affronter au problème de la consommation de drogues dans votre pays ? Comments are closed. Archive Donnez votre avis October 8, 2013 Donnez votre avis September 26, 2013


The Commission will have three basic objectives: Mobilizing public awareness and political commitment The Commission will examine ways and means to enhance the political priority accorded to drug trafficking and its impact on West Africa. It will undertake a campaign to raise awareness of the drug trafficking problem and its ramifications, including for governance and …


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  Obasanjo and Annan to meet with President Mahama on West Africa drug challenges. Date:20.08.2014 | Press Release | 0 Comments   20 August 2014 – News Release Accra, Ghana – Olusegun Obasanjo, chairman of the West Africa Commission on Drugs and  Kofi Annan, chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation meet with John Dramani Mahama, …

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English | French   à Propos .de Nous «La Commission est composée d’un groupe de personnalités ouest-africaines issues de la politique, de la société civile, de la santé, de la sécurité et de la justice. Avec le soutien d’experts, la Commission analysera les problèmes posés par le trafic de stupéfiants et la dépendance en …….. …

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President Olusegun Obasanjo (Chair) Olusegun Obasanjo served as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 1999 until 2007. Upon leaving office, he oversaw the first civilian handover of power in Nigeria from one democratically-elected leader to another. President Obasanjo’s administration tackled corruption as a major priority, establishing dedicated bodies and strengthening existing ones. On …


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West Africa Drugs trade threatens progress Date: 18.12.2014 | Press Release | 0 Comments Dakar, Senegal – In a joint declaration, the West Africa Commission on Drugs concludes that drug trafficking, consumption and production in West Africa undermines institutions, threatens public health and damages development efforts. This is the key finding of the Commission’s report …

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West Africa has become a hub for international drug trafficking over the last decade. The trans-shipment of narcotics from Latin America through West Africa to Europe and North America has increased significantly. Organized crime syndicates are operating in West Africa to ensure the safe passage of drug cargo through the region. Consequentially, local consumption of these drugs …

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