1. Drug Trafficking and Threats to National and Regional Security in West Africa- Kwesi Aning and John Pokoo
2. Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence in West Africa- Isidore S. Obot
3. Drug Trafficking and its Impact on Governance in West Africa- Adebayo O. Olukoshi
4. Challenging the Myth of the Drug-Terror Nexus in the Sahel – Wolfram Lacher.
5. State Officials and their Involvement in Drug Trafficking in West Africa- Lansana Gberie
6. International and Regional Responses to Drug Trafficking in West Africa – Kavanagh & Walker.
7. The Global Drug Policy Debate Experiences from the Americas and Europe-Renata Segura with Sabrina Stein
 8. Treatment Policy for Substance Dependence in WA- Joseph B. Asare & Isidore S. Obot.
 Background Paper Series Editor: Camino Kavanagh, Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation (CIC)
  Comments on the papers are very welcome. Please send to wacd@kaiptc.org